Welcome to Tall Mouse Cre8tive Artz!
Thank you for visiting the site. We realize the artist in you wants to dabble all around the creative playground, so providing you fun and easy products at a fair price is our goal.
The Mouse has been around since 1964, and started as a small party store before there was a craft industry.  The company grew to as large as 4 grocery size full line arts and crafts stores.  While those no longer exist, we still aim to bring you high quality products in a smaller 10'x30' booth!  Both Jim and I have extensive history in the craft industry, (each-over 36+ years) so feel free to ask questions, we are here to help!
Stop for a moment and realize we are all crafters, creators and makers.  We rarely make and keep our creation.  Rather, they are sent out or gifted like a warm hug full of inspiration, love and appreciation.  Our industry is important and by you creating, you make it important!  Keep it up.

Remember, do something CRE8TIVE today!